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Servers Engineer

About the Company

Our client is one of the largest domains, web hosting, and technology solutions company with more than 2 million members worldwide; specializes in providing simple, innovative, and affordable online solutions, helping businesses and independents establish, build, maintain and grow their online presence. 

About the Role

  • Administer server environments, including supporting vary specific enterprise technologies, file shares, web services, databases, and other networking and management services. 

  • Complete server management provisioning for Linux, UNIX, MS operating systems; install/patch/update operating system and software, troubleshoots, maintains integrity; and configures virtual, storage, and network components along with implementing operating systems enhancements to improve reliability and performance. 

  • Ensure 24/7/365 availability of servers, systems and related infrastructure with a customer orientated focus, whether for internal or customer-facing systems. 

  • Actively interact the enterprise storage solutions, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN), iSCSI, XFS, NFS, etc. 

  • Monitor resource usage (disk capacity and CPU performance) to proactively provide optimal performance. 

  • Provide application support expertise with a range of open-source CMS and commercial solutions. 

  • Participate in delivering large-scale projects across multiple geographic regions as and when required. 

  • Conduct the basic planning, ensuring the collection of respective metrics to ensure best solutions, applied to the project. 

  • Follow internal policies and procedures with appropriate reporting and management of outages. 

  • Ensure stakeholder communication and escalation as required with relation to any outages, updates, deployment, provisioning, and other respective actions. 

  • Engage sufficiently in all escalation with 24/7 availability to support stakeholders, whether customers or internal staff, taking adequate ownership of applicable issues. 

  • Efficiently implement any project requirements of other teams or departments with a focus on clear communication. 

  • Evaluation of technical requirements to ensure solutions meet requirements and performance goals of the organization, 

  • Maintain a consistent focus towards keeping on top of new technologies, standards, and approaches, providing research, review, development, and testing where required. 

  • Conduct researches into new technologies, hardware, software, industry trends with a focus towards applying innovation into organization standards. 

  • Consistently maintain and evolve documentation for systems and processes. 

  • Adequately document, track, and record service tags, installation dates, warranty periods, etc. to all existing and new assets in accordance with policies and procedures 

  • Active participation in lifecycle management ensuring that all owned infrastructure is kept secure using approved software updates. 

  • Collaborate with other departments to adequately track and report resource use-age and any other matters pertinent to their operations. 

  • To actively maintain interpersonal skills and communication skills, answering calls or tickets in line with organizational SLAs, standards, and KPIs. 

  • Participate in Disaster Recovery activities owned by the organization. 

  • Complete the tasks, projects, or requirements assigned by the team manager. 

  • Participate in weekly team meetings to discuss past and upcoming projects, works, and initiatives ensuring execution of key and action items. 

  • Assist the lower levels in improving their skillset and knowledge, related to the organization products. 

  • Participate in an on-call as required and be available for out-of-office hours support when needed. 

  • Perform necessary duties to expand, improve, deploy and maintain the office network, hardware, and systems to ensure sufficient and efficient operation within the office. 



  • Strong Linux operating system knowledge

  • Understanding of VMware and Window operating system knowledge.

  • Familiar with DC operations.

  • Good visualization knowledge.

  • Experience in mounting and connection of Server

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